Bevel Grave Markers

The bevel grave marker, like the flat grave marker is a smaller memorial that is placed at the head of the memorial plot. Typically between 16″ – 36″ in length and 12″ in width, the Bevel memorial design gets its name from the 6″ down to 4″ slope that aids in the viewing of the stone from the foot of the grave. Many of the same style aspects cross over from its close brother the flat grave marker, but the Bevel will also allow for you to choose your style of polish for the sides.

Being a thicker stone, the bevel is simply set atop the burial plot so it is very common to have the sides be “rock-pitched” for a more natural look. Others looking for a more polished presentation may request the sides to be completely polished which may even allow for further engraving space. 

No matter the design that best suits your loved one, our expert memorial designers here at Martin Monuments will be with you every step of the way. reach out by requesting a bevel marker quote today, and let us get started engraving your loved ones story for generations to come.