Cremation Memorials and Urns

A Cremation Memorial is a hybrid memorial bridging the gap between a typical cemetery headstone and a cremation urn. Unlike a traditional memorial placed at the cemetery plots head or top section, a Cremation memorial can occupy any space available and acts as a secondary housing around the urn. (CV1401)

This type of cremation memorial is built to last and withstand the Asheville, and surrounding area weather elements for generations to come. Built for one loved one or many, a cremation columbarium is the best memorial you can get to house the remains of your loved one.

All other types of memorials can also be used for cremation — Upright Monuments, Slants, Bevels, and Flat Markers. Cremains can also be placed inside the monument, under flat markers, or buried directly in front of the memorial.

For those looking to tell a unique story through their loved ones cremation memorial, you can even custom design a memorial bench with panels (shown below). A memorial Cremation Bench will also house the urn internally. before the final setting of the memorial is complete the urn is placed in between the two legs of the bench then sealed with the etched panels.

For any other questions regarding memorializing your loved one, feel free to reach out to our friendly Asheville Staff for a quote.