Flat Gravestones

By and large the most popular of our headstone designs; the Flat Gravestone is one that can be adapted to fit almost any memorial need. With the traditional text of their name, date of birth, and date of passing, most flat markers are able to also be designed with a border or surrounding scene of your loved ones favorite past-time. The engraving options are really only limited to the size of the polished face and your imagination. 

First start by selecting the granite color that best speaks to your loved ones story. Second, look over our previously designed memorials for inspiration. Third, get us their appropriate information and let us get to work designing a digital copy of their stone for your approval. 

Don’t forget, you can accent your loved ones flat gravestone with a bronze accessory as shown for the memorial of Miss Donna Cannady. For her gravestone we incorporated an inset Bronze Vase with a removable lid to place season ornamental flowers in.

While the space of the polished face may be limited, meeting with one of our expert memorial designers will help you pack the whole story of your loved one into their Flat Gravestone. Schedule an appointment today to have our expert memorial design your loved one’s gravestone.