Mausoleums And Columbariums

A mausoleum is a grand showcase of a memorial that houses from 1 to 4 past loved ones. They are granite buildings with some of the larger of them having the ability to physically walk through. In larger family estates and more than 4 person mausoleums, we are able to customize the interior panels, that seal each loved ones remains, to depict their own stories. Each granite piece of the mausoleum can be customized to match your wants and needs. From granite color, engraving style, even the use of multiple materials such as the one featured here with a custom bronze door.

The story of your family and overall estate will last a for generations to come and there is no better way to tell that story than with our expert staff here at Martin Monuments guiding you at every step.

For housing the remains of your loved ones that have been cremated, our columbariums are exactly what you need. This above ground memorial option allows for multiple family or estate members to be housed under one roof. Much like the Mausoleum style mentioned above each closing panel can be customized and engraved with that particular loved ones’ story, likeness, or just simply their name and date of birth and passing. 

For selecting the best memorial for your families situation, we highly recommend sitting with one of our trained memorial designers right here in Asheville, NC.