Memorial Benches

A Memorial Bench is an excellent way to memorialize your loved one. Set along side the cemetery or private garden pathways, our granite benches allow you to rest alongside your loved one. With most bench styles, each face is polished allowing for a multitude of engraving options. Typically the front “banner” or face is engraved with the memorialized surname and either the seat or support legs tell the longer story. 

For those looking to be creative with their loved ones memorial design; bench design can also be incorporated into a host of other memorial designs. With an upright monument, we could append the seat and one leg from a center cut out. Or, the upright could be set atop the bench such as you can see in the design made for Miss Hannah Raphaelle. Her heart shaped tablet was used for the angel etching while the front banner face played host to a modern but minimalistic engraving of her name. 

For those looking for a cremation memorial, a bench style may work, especially for a companion cremation. The cremation bench that we built for the Kirch family shown below encases both remains behind the front etched panel. The panel very simply shows the names and dates of those past and is etched with a loving photo of the couple as they were at the happiest of times; when they were together. 

The Bench Memorial design is one for the customizing and one that, if used in concert with other monuments can pay excellent tribute to your loved one. Their  burial plot will be just as unique as they were with a custom memorial bench. 

To get started customizing, simply request a quote or give our Asheville design studio a call to set an appointment with our designers. We hope to get started building your loved ones bench memorial soon.