Pet Memorials

There is now better way to celebrate the life of your beloved dog or cat than with a beautifully engraved pet memorial. At Martin Monuments, we proudly remember our lost furry friends with engraved natural cut stones and fine polished granite. 

You lost pet deserves to be remembered forever. Their memorial stone will stand the test of time with our fine craftsmanship. Our stones beat he 7 generation industry standard meaning the memory of your pets will literally last 8 life times. We can digitize any photos of say, their paw prints to actively portray who they were. 

We start by sitting down with you either by phone, video conference, or in person to start to understand your pets story. Then, we estimate a budget and plan to developing their memorial design. A simple dog bone for our boy jack, or a paw print with their name and last condolences. Bring your loved ones story and we will engrave it in stone. Let’s show the world just how awesome your little furry friend was in this life. Let’s engrave that story for centuries to come.